Cheers Bro Beer Gift


Men wanted it so we created it ! The Best Beer Gift for Men. Cheers Bro Beer Gift contains the most tasty savoury food nibbles and a selection of six thirst quenching beers.


  • A sturdy useful stainless bucket perfect to chill the Beers. This is wrapped up and tied with a stylish ribbon and your message is attached inside a Gift Card.
  • Selection of six Beers including NZ Craft Moa Beer, Stella Artois, Heineken, Steinlarger, Corona and Mac's. Each bottle is 330ml except Corona which is 355ml.
  • Nuts which have been dry roasted and specially coated in a unique selection of sweet, spicy and savoury mouth watering flavours.90g
  • Combination tasty Savoury pack of mini pretzels and wasabi peas.50g
  • Cheese stick with a hint of cayenne pepper for extra taste. Made with NZ cheddar. 30g
If you would like this Gift changed in any way please contact us and we will happily customise it for you.
We’re here to help make your Gift absolutely Perfect !




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