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New Zealand Grandparents Day - Sunday the 2nd of October

New Zealand Grandparents Day - Sunday the 2nd of October

Who was there to look after us when Mum and Dad went to work or on holiday?

Who was there to pick us up from school when others couldn't?

Who would always give us the grandest birthday presents around?

Of course it was always our Grandparents.

The elders of our family who looked over everyone and made sure we were cared for. Our Grandmas who refused to let us go to bed hungry and our Grandpas who would take us to the movies and let us get whatever we wanted from the snack bar.

Since 2020, I have lost all four of my grandparents, two of whom I never got to meet but I have heard so much about through my Father's memories and my grandparents on my Mother's side who I spent many years getting to know and spending Sunday roast with.

I have fond memories of my Grandparents picking me up from school and each time came with chocolate bars and would then prepare a fish and chip dinner for me and siblings, while my parents were working busy medical jobs.

Grandparents Day is an important day to remember our elders whether they're with us or not, if we've been separated due to the pandemic or living down the road from each other. 

This concept of Grandparents is rather new here in New Zealand, in fact this year is the first I'm hearing about it.

Grandparents Day has been recognised and celebrated in America since the 1970s. Here in New Zealand is was adopted in 2018 with the day on falling on Sunday the 2nd of October this year. 

The day isn't just about presents, it's about family, spending time together, helping children become aware of the strength, information and guidance older people can offer and doing something grand.

For those whose Grandparents aren't in the same town, country or unfortunately are not with us anymore, days like these can be hard. The memories may be bring up sad emotions due to not being able to see them, but regardless the memories are here to stay and they always have a safe place in our minds.

The past two years here at Batenburgs, we have seen an influx of gift hampers for families that have been separated due to the pandemic and plane journey distances. We find that sending hampers is one of the best ways to show love. A basket filled with delicious wines and nibbles as well as a gift card message to express your dearest love. 

Here are our recommendations for Grandparents Day this year. 

Gifts don't have to be big, the size doesn't matter. The gesture and expression is the most important thing. Love of Chocolate is a small but sweet gift to give, filled with New Zealand's finest chocolate range, we all know our Grandparents have a secret sweet tooth when we're not around. A chocolate lover's chocolate non-alcoholic gift basket including Bennetts of Mangawhai finest chocolate bar, chocolate coated almonds, chocolate fudge brownie and Whittaker's chocolate bar. 
This exotic flowering Anthurium indoor plant and chocolates is one of our top selling gifts for so many occasions all throughout the year. Anthurium is a gift that keeps on giving by flowering all year. The enjoyment of indulging in yummy chocolates will give the lucky recipient feelings of happiness and excitement. Give Grandad and Grandma a house plant that will radiate refreshing aromas.
A perfect gift for the Kiwiana Grandparents who love to indulge in anything that's 100% Kiwi! Delicious homemade snacks for Grandma and Grandad, whether they're relaxing up in a small sunny beach side town or in town. Celebrate beautiful New Zealand  This is the finest gift basket for any occasion and supports our fabulous local NZ suppliers. Inside the lucky recipient will find many nibbles and goodies that kiwi families have loved for generations.
This gift hamper celebrates the award-winning wine and food products that we have right here in New Zealand. With these two sophisticated bottles of wine accompanied by the variety of delicious sweet and savoury edible nibbles, this gift hamper is perfect to give the elders who love good food and wine. A bottle for Grandma and a bottle for Grandad, or perhaps something for them to both share.
Retired living a life of Riley? Treat them like the life their living! A stunning gift hamper filled with Moet & Chandon French Champagne accompanied by outstandingly delicious sweet and savoury gourmet treats. Luxurious contents that will satisfy your Grandparents on any occasion. Pop the champagne, give a cheers and a toast to the people who helped raise you.
Grandparents Day may put them in the focus, but it's also a day about family and to bring every together! Sometimes it's impossible to find something that everyone will enjoy but in this extra large hamper there's sure to be something for everyone. Packed with nibbles and sweets for the kids and wine for the grown ups. Receiving this hamper will be a real experience and a great way to let a group of people know you appreciate them or are thinking of them.
Add that personal touch and make your very own gift hamper. It’s easy and with over 100 tempting products to choose from you can be sure there’s something for everyone! Simply choose your individual items & then leave the rest to the Batenburg’s Creative Team who will turn your hamper into a gift to be remembered. It’s easy!
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