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What are the best gifts to take to a baby shower?

If you haven't been an expecting parent yourself it may be hard to come up with ideas on what new parents will love. According to Mustela some popular gifts include baby skin care sets, socks, shoes, bibs, bath products, blankets, baby safe toys or a bed time book. These ideas are perfect for babies and useful for overwhelmed new parents. 

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Weleda was born in 1921 by people who had a vision to use nature in their work. In 1920, Rudolf Steiner founded anthroposophic medicine. This type of medicine focuses on the more spiritual side of medicine. Then in 1921, there was the birth of industrial manufacturing of skincare products in Germany. A biodynamic medicinal plant garden was then created in 1922. A combination of doctors, pharmacists and patients banded together to create Weleda subsidiaries. Weleda was brought to New Zealand in 1995 and was placed in the Hawkes Bay.

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Ethical Sourcing

Weleda makes a huge effort to maintain in contact with those who are working for them in order to keep up it’s image as a sustainable brand. Weleda follows the guidelines of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT).

According to Weleda, the UEBT verifies that Weleda is sourcing natural, organic products in a way that:

  • The diversity of ecosystems is conserved
  • Resources are conserved
  • The working conditions are improved
  • The origins of the ingredients are traceable
  • The local communities are supported
  • Sustainable business is supported

Weleda’s suggestions for how you can be more sustainable:

  • Back the exchange of seeds and seed initiatives.
  • Get fruit and vegetables that have been made in organic and biodynamic farms
  • Make sure you don’t buy food that has been genetically modified
  • Sow seeds in your garden or in a plant box/container


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