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What's the best gift to give for Valentine's Day

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There are several tales of the history of Valentine's Day. One story suggests that Valentine's Day originated in Rome during the third century when Emperor Claudius ll established a law which, prevented young men from getting married. The law was established as it was thought single men would perform better as soldiers. St. Valentine thought this law was unfair and remained marrying couples in secret. However, St. Valentine was killed when the Emperor learned of these secret marriages. The day of his execution was the 14th of February. Subsequently, Valentine's day has been celebrated on this day in honour of St. Valentine's efforts. 

There is another tale which suggests St Valentine wrote a love letter to a young girl and signed it 'From your Valentine'. Therefore, this may be seen as the origin of love letters sent to one another on Valentine's Day.

How did the tradition of giving chocolates on Valentines begin?

According to the tradition began in the 19th century by Richard Cadbury who was the son of the founder of Cadbury’s chocolate company. The company used the Valentine’s tradition to their advantage to create a selling point for their new chocolate varieties.

What is the most popular flavour of chocolate in a box?

Ever wondered which chocolate people love the most? Well, surprise, surprise according to Women’s day the most popular is chocolate caramel.

How did ‘X’ become known as a kiss at the end of a message?

According to an ‘X’ was often used as a symbol of Christianity. The emblem was also used at the end of documents. When this was done people would kiss the document to symbolize it was a true testimony. Kings and commoners began doing this, the documents were referred to as being ‘sealed by a kiss.’

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