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Why do Men Love Beer Gifts ?

Why do Men Love Beer Gifts ?

"Beer is Best" say our happy male (and female) customers. Check out our top 3 selling beer gift boxes, ready to be shipped delivered NZ wide today !


Ever wondered the psychology behind men liking beer? Turns out there are studies which reveal why drinking beer is appealing to men, perhaps more so than it is appealing to women. According to pH lab, one of the first reasons relates to socialising with other men and the connection brought about when men sit with each other and drink beer. The mere act of drinking beer in a group of men has been shown to boost moods. As well as this, an ingredient in beer may trigger the release of dopamine which can act to establish a link between the reward centre in the brain and drinking beer. Finally, due to beer often being advertised as a 'male drink' this has created a stereotype that men should drink beer to be perceived as 'manly.' Therefore, a lot of men may drink beer just to 'fit in.' 

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Packed with delicious olives, oat crackers and raw nuts. If that makes you feel the need to quench your thirst, this exciting hamper comes with two apple ciders from the finest cider brewer, Somersby. Need a special sweet treat with that? The nougat, Bennetts and Whitakers chocolate has got you covered! Perfect for those hot summer days spent sitting in the sun, on the grass.

Check this great NZ craft beer hamper delivered NZ wide. If you really want to please the proud craft beer lover this is the perfect hamper.

However, beer is a drink to be enjoyed by anyone especially on a lovely day!

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The history behind Steinlager beer:

The company was originally called Steinnecker when it was created in 1958 New Zealand when the Finance Minister threatened to reduce beer imports and encouraged NZ companies to produce beer for international sale. In 1962 the brand became known as Steinlager in order to differentiate it from Heineken. Between 1963 and 1971 is when Steinlager created its iconic branding. Steinlager beer was introduced in America in 1973 and changed the bottle colour from brown to green to contest with other premium beers, which were also green. Steinlager is now known across the world and has won a number of awards. Steinlager is a proud sponsor of Emirates Team New Zealand and the All Blacks.

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