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Nine Gifts Dad Will Love This Father's Day

Nine Gifts Dad Will Love This Father's Day

It has been a quiet few months here at Batenburgs after cooling down from the craziness of Mother's Day, but while we are introducing new gift baskets and hampers as well as new products, we are also gearing up for the next gift giving occasion, Father's day!

Every Father's Day, we spend the day acknowledging fatherhood and the paternal bond between family and father. Showing love and honouring the protector of the family, the helping hand when you need a bit of muscle in a situation and the man who makes the inflatable go faster on the water park slides.

For some people the father they are acknowledging may not be blood related or biological father, it can be a step-father, uncle or family friend who stepped up and took the role of the father figure.

It's also a day we spend remembering the fathers or father figures who are no longer with us but remain in our presence through memories and spirit. Getting together with friends and family, telling stories and relieving memories as I'm sure we all have a vault full of dad related anecdotes. 

While Mother's Day tends to be quite a difficult occasion when it comes to finding the perfect gift for dear mother, Father's Day can be straight forward and remain close to traditional idea of a classic Kiwi father. When we think about gift giving for dad, we think either beer, BBQ accessories, watches or socks. Perhaps this year is the year to try something new, why not a gift basket from Batenburgs?

With a wide range of hampers to choose from in our selection, we have plenty to recommend for dad this year.

Time to Chill



After a hard day let dad sit back, put his feet up, grab a beer and enjoy it with delicious tasty snacks. The reason why you'll give this awesome gift is to let him enjoy the pleasure of a cool beer knowing that you're thinking of them. It's a gift that screams Father's Day, with the tradition bar favoured salted peanuts, crackling pepper bites and delicious chocolate from Whittakers. It's simple, affordable and rich in love.

The mighty hip flask! The best way to transport small (or big) portions of dad's favourite alcoholic spirit. It's always been a favourite for Father's Day gifting and holds the status of being a classic go to gift. This is a gift dad, would love to receive and can be added to any Batenburgs gift hamper, why not size up?
What do you buy the father who has everything? This top selling gift hamper with a FREE chocolate brownie is a great solution. You can never go wrong with classic beers, tasty snacks and men's grooming products from New Zealand favourite Triumph & Disaster. No matter what sort of father figure he is to you, receiving this gift from you will make him feel very spoilt. This hamper is a sell-out throughout the year but especially at Father's Day.
The ultimate craft beer hamper for any craft beer enthusiast dad to enjoy, with the all the nibbles beers needed, this hamper is epic! Six different Epic beers from pale ale to I.P.A, dad can sit down and rank or taste test each one. Along side the beers, the recipient also receives classic bar bites such as crispy corn nibbles and salted peanuts, as well cracked pepper bites and sweet yummy Bennetts of Mangawhai chocolate.
Party on dad! There's something truly exhilarating about this smooth Tennessee whiskey & nibbles gift hamper. It's a joy filled hamper that will create new memories for the vault of dad that will be talked about for years to come.
Dad will love the taste of distilled and aged Jamaican rum that has been blended right here in New Zealand accompanied by special treats and nibbles to keep him well fed until his special dinner. The perfect gift for showing him your love on Christmas and his birthday, or from the whole family on Father’s Day. Also perfect for friends and colleagues. Stylishly presented in a NZ pine hamper with you message on a card attached.
For the cider loving gentlemen, packed with delicious olives, oat crackers and raw nuts. If that makes dad feel the need to quench their thirst, this exciting hamper comes with two apple ciders from the finest cider brewer, Somersby. Need a special sweet treat with that? The nougat, Bennetts and Whitakers chocolate has got him covered! Perfect for those hot summer days spent sitting in the sun, on the grass.
While alcohol is generous thing to gift on Father's Day, we are very well aware that some dads prefer a to receive the opposite. This alcohol-free gift hamper has been created to be enjoyed by all. The great thing about this hamper is that it offers a tasty selection of both sweet and savoury treats so you can be sure there's something for everyone.
Here's the ideal gift box for the Scotch whisky loving dad. A bottle of the hugely rewarding Johnnie Walker Black label along with indulgent chocolate coated almonds and crunchy pistachio nuts. A stylish & sophisticated gift and a popular gift option for him. An ideal gift to celebrate a birthday, Christmas or simply relax and enjoy with friends. A popular whisky gift to say thank you to work colleagues & for Dad on Father's Day. Beautifully presented in a stylish NZ pine wooden box with your message attached on a card.
With just a few to name above, regardless of what it is you gift, Dad will always truly love what you get him as Father's Day isn't just about gift giving, it's about noticing Dad and recognising all the work he does for the family, as well as all his achievements across his long life. Make your Father's Day pre-orders today with Batenburgs!
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