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Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali!

This year in New Zealand, Diwali falls on October 24th this year, the festivities will begin around the 21st of October. Diwali Festivals are very popular across New Zealand. Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch hold two day-long festivals attended by people from all communities and religions.

The Auckland Diwali Festival celebrations will take place on Saturday and Sunday the 8th/9th of October.

The overarching meaning of Diwali is to celebrate the triumph of lightness over darkness and, during this time of upheaval, the spirit of that message can be something to celebrate, but the celebrations about more than that. It's a time to get friends and family from across the board together to spend a celebratory evening together.

When I was 14, I was lucky enough to spend celebrate Diwali with an Indian family in Singapore. I was able to observe their way of celebrating, a big feast of everyone together and lots of whisky for the men. Afterwards the younglings played games, while the women did henna and the men played poker.

This Diwali we have created a spectacular celebration range of gift hampers brimming with good wishes and packed full of gourmet indulgences and sweet treats for family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to share. Send a stunning gift hamper to your loved ones during the festivities filled with nut selections, yummy chocolates, shortbreads and more celebratory food delights.

Sharing is a Diwali tradition so if you’re looking for an extravagant gift? Choose from our range of large sharing hampers to delight the whole family. Wish friends and family a bright and happy Diwali by adding a decorative candle to any gift hamper which can be lit to commemorate this occasion.

Send your Diwali wishes a life filled with prosperity and a heart filled with love with our alcohol-free gift hampers for all to share. The best way to show your affection to loved ones during Diwali is through good food and no Diwali would be the same without an indulgent sweet chocolate gift basket filled with exquisite chocolatey treats. Each Diwali gift hamper will be decorated with bright gold and red ribbon to emphasis this celebration of colourful lights and your wishes of immense happiness to a family

Let Batenburgs help bring joy to you at home with one of our a beautiful celebration hampers. Enjoy an abundance of sweet and tasty treats and light some candles to observe the festival of lights!

This gift hamper with Johnnie Walker's Black label is one of the best presents you can give. The hilarious shot spinner sets the atmosphere for a night after a delicious feast and yummy dessert, with friends playing cards while sipping on this expertly crafted whisky, perfectly paired with tasty nibbles, everything you need for the after dinner poker match.

Party on Gentlemen! There's something truly exhilarating about this smooth Tennessee whiskey & nibbles gift hamper. It's a joy filled hamper that will create memories which will be talked about for years to come. A popular whiskey gift given at anytime of the year to celebrate any occasion.

This large presentation gift hamper is filled with an abundance of the most popular alcohol-free food products in our range. A fabulous food hamper with something for everyone whether it's a family or a team to share and enjoy. Bring it to the celebrations and everyone will have something to nibble on.

Sometimes it's impossible to find something that everyone will enjoy but in this extra large hamper there's sure to be something for everyone. Packed with nibbles, receiving this hamper will be a real experience and a great way to let a group of people know you appreciate them or are thinking of them.

Add that personal touch and make your very own gift hamper. It’s easy and with over 100 tempting products to choose from you can be sure there’s something for everyone! Simply choose your individual items & then leave the rest to the Batenburg’s Creative Team who will turn your hamper into a gift to be remembered. It’s easy!

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