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What is special about craft beer compared to 'regular' beer?

What is special about craft beer compared to 'regular' beer?

Craft beer has become an increasingly popular beer of choice. But, how exactly does craft beer differ from 'regular' beer brands like Heinekin and Speights? According to New World, in America craft beer means to be a small, independent brand. This is in comparison to the large beer industries in America. In New Zealand craft beer is known for it's flavour - craft beers are often rich in different flavour combinations, which can distinguish them from other 'regular' beer brands. Craft beer also differs from 'regular' beer as it often has a higher alcohol percentage. 

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What food should you pair with craft beer?

Snacks that can be paired with lager beers include, crackers, chips and nuts. Enjoy a beer or two with your mates with a couple of snacks from our ready-made hamper collections here.

The history of Mac’s beer

Mac’s beer was started in 1981 by a man named Terry who was unimpressed by pub beer and thought to himself ‘What if I brewed my own beer?’ Once Terry got his license to brew, the brand Mac’s was created. According to Mac’s, the ribbed bottle and rip off lid symbolise the pioneering history of the beer. Mac’s is now an award-winning beer spread all around New Zealand. The brand still carries the ‘What if’ moto that began with Terry.

Moa Craft beer

Moa beer started in 2003 and was founded by Josh Scott in the Marlborough vineyards in New Zealand. The head brewer is David Nicholls who has been brewing for more than 30 years. When David came back to New Zealand he met Josh at the Marlborough Wine and Food Festival. According to Moa, David was sampling Josh’s wine and told him what he thought about it. Josh then challenged him to brew a better beer. The next week David did this and his brews are now part of the Moa brand.

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