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What is the Ultimate Best Friend Gift?

What is the Ultimate Best Friend Gift?

Buying a birthday gift for you best friend, whether for him or for her can seem like an easy task at first, right?

You two are attached at the hip and know everything about each other. You know all the things they would love and not love. But when it comes down to deciding on the gift, you really want to make sure it’s something that shows your BFF how much they mean to you. This can make buying gifts a stressful time as you just want to get it right! Sometimes asking your friend what they want seems like a good idea. But for those of us with friends that tell you they don’t want anything, they don’t know or jokes around and tells you ‘well not socks,’ asking this question doesn’t get you anywhere.

We understand the stress of buying a gift for your BFF, especially when it’s for a momentous occasion. Our advice for a BFF gift is not necessarily about the gift itself but the feelings and emotions that can be generated by the gift. A gift that makes your friend feel warm and fuzzy inside is a sure way to show them how special they are to you.

Creating an Experience in a Gift

Our first suggestion may at first seem simple. However, their true value to induce happiness may be underestimated by many.


Flowers are an extremely popular gift here at Batenburgs with flowers often going straight out the door as soon as they have been delivered!

The perfect thing about flowers is that they are appropriate for many different occasions such as birthdays, engagements, get well soon gifts, sympathy gifts, weddings or sometimes you don’t even need an occasion at all! Flowers are the perfect gift for a best friend to just say thank you for being them. I haven’t seen one person who doesn’t have a huge smile on their face when they receive flowers.

Well it turns out there may be a reason for this…

There have been studies conducted, which suggest why flowers are so popular to gift. Flowers have been shown to bring about feelings of delight, decrease stress and spread happiness to all those who experience them. Buying flowers for your best friend is a sure way to make them feel as special as they are to you. You can even choose the colour your flowers will be wrapped in here to match your best friends personality!

Here's our top selling flower gifts delivered with a box of luxury Bennetts of Mangawhai luxury chocolates or Even movie tickets for two.

Movie Tickets with Flowers Gift


Customers may be concerned with fresh flowers travelling down the country and still remaining in perfect condition for their BFF. But don’t stress Batenburg’s has the perfect solution so that you can bring happiness to your best friend anywhere in NZ!

For flower deliveries outside of North Island cities and towns Batenburg’s stocks Côte Noir’s hand crafted Gardenia Flowers stored in a lovely glass vase and box to ensure your gift remains in perfect condition. A perfume spray is stored inside, which when sprayed on the flower can continue to brighten someone’s day. This gift really is the gift that keeps on giving!


Hand crafted double gardenia flowers in a gift box


Our next suggestion really is an experience in itself. But making sure you have the right elements is crucial to making it a success.

A surprise birthday party!

Here at Batenburg’s we love birthday’s just as much as you do, especially when it’s your best friends! Best friend birthdays are the perfect chance for you to truly show your best friend how much they mean to you.

Batenburg’s is committed to helping you organise the perfect surprise birthday party for your best friend as the ultimate gift. I mean what friend wouldn’t want to be surprised with all their friends and loved ones there to celebrate them? Even those who say they hate surprises and don’t want to do anything for their birthday are sure to love them!

We believe no surprise birthday is complete without cake and balloons.


Balloons are the ultimate signal of a party. When do we ever see balloons unless there is some kind of celebration going on?

Balloons can without a doubt create more excitement for people. Balloons, are a sure way to liven up the party!

Take a look at our balloons to really make your best friends surprise birthday party special!


Balloons in a Gift Box delivered NZ Wide by Batenburgs Gift Hampers



Now on to the birthday cake.🎂

Singing happy birthday while bringing out a cake full of candles will most definitely make the night extra special for your best friend. But make sure you don’t forget to get the right amount of candles! Each candle on a cake is supposed to celebrate each year of your best friends life. And as we all know.. make sure to tell your BFF to make a wish as she is blowing out the candles.

Whether you are a wiz in the kitchen or you struggle to cook an egg we know sometimes we just don’t have enough time to make a cake. For Auckland wide customers we have a range of lovely cakes that have been complemented on by customers for their delicate texture. And not to worry our cakes come with candles and party poppers to make the experience extra special for your BFF!

Discover our top selling delicious chocolate cake delivered with candles and party poppers here birthday chocolate cake with candles and party poppers 


If your BFF lives outside of Auckland but you still want to send them a sweet treat, we have the perfect alternative. Sending a block of our crumbly Russian Fudge is a sure way to sweeten up their day! Our Russian Fudge is one of our most popular items with customers always coming back for more. One of our loyal customers from Australia has been buying our Russian fudge for the last 10 years!


For our Best Friends that Might Live a bit Further Away..

Although a surprise birthday party is an ideal way to celebrate your best friends birthday we also know that so many best friends are those that live far away. Because of this it is up to us to really make your wishes felt across the miles when you can’t be with you best friend. Many Kiwis have their best friends in Australia or in Europe and we really feel that the distance can be upsetting during special birthdays when you want to celebrate with your BFF and be there to give him or her a hug. For your closest friend, the one you value above all your other friends, you want to make him or her feel super special.

If you need any help or ideas for your BFF give us a quick call on 09 522 2313 and we’ll help create a gift truly special from you to your BFF. And trust me it’s definitely not socks!



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