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It's Time to Say Thank You!

It's Time to Say Thank You!

Unlike many other gifts, thank you gifts are not reserved for a certain time of the year. In our very fortunate lives we have many opportunities to say thank you to others for all they have helped us to achieve. Here at Batenburg's Gift Hampers and Flowers we believe things are always achieved better with the help and support of others. As the saying goes ‘Many hands make light work’.

In my opinion the best thing about saying thanks is the joy it can provide to others. The act of just saying thank you can make someone feel valued and acknowledged. But often times arise where you may feel like just saying thank you isn’t enough. At Batenburg’s we feel this too.

Whether it’s a co-worker, client, friend, family, nurse, teacher or just someone who has gone above and beyond to make your life a little smoother, a gift can really help to express your gratitude.

We have provided some suggestions for how to make a thank you gift special for different times in which you may want to say thank you.

A Corporate Thank You

Corporate gifts may involve thanking clients, members of your team, individual co-workers or your boss. It is essential to make sure a cooperate thank you is professional. A hamper packaged in a pine made environmentally friendly box with a luxurious satin ribbon always looks professional. Call us today to discuss all your gifting needs to suit your budget and the recipient 09 522 2313 or email

Buying a cooperate gift for a client or boss can be hard if you don’t know the individual on a personal level. Our best-selling Thank You Luxury Selection Gift Box is a gift we often guide people to in store for this purpose. This thank you gift box is filled with tasty gourmet treats and award-winning wine that will definitely show your genuine appreciation for the persons hard work and continuous support.

If it’s for a team that goes the extra mile every time to get something done a hamper or two is ideal for sharing. A hamper that is delivered to the office creates an experience and long-lasting memories between all those who share it.

A few of our big hampers for sharing are the Extravaganza Hamper and the Something For Everyone Food Hamper.

As the name entails there will be something for everyone to enjoy in this hamper, you really can’t go wrong!

For all the hard work your team has achieved, they probably deserve a wine or two! The extravaganza hamper includes many tasty treats as well as a couple of award-winning wines.

Thank You To a Friend/Family Member

When thanking a friend or a family member for always being by your side it is important to make it personal. You want to make sure the person knows you have put effort and thought in to get something especially right for them.

A personalised hamper provides you the opportunity to pick your friends or family’s favourite goodies. Batenburg’s allows you to customise the items and packaging of your hamper. Once you have selected these, our lovely Batenburg’s team can make this personalised gift into a reality.

Start customising your own hamper here!

Thanking a Support Person

A support person might be a nurse who helped you or one of your family members through a hard time in the hospital/retirement village or maybe a teacher who went the extra mile to make your child’s education enjoyable.

These individuals have usually gone out of their way to make your life easier. They probably deserve to relax during their busy lives of helping others. Giving them a pamper gift that allows them to do just this is perfect!

Batenburg’s has many pamper gifts available for both men and women!

Our top two suggestions include:

1. Gifts for an Amazing Women

This gift is the ultimate pamper gift complete with flowers, a magazine, Rosè wine, hand cream, luxury soap, a bath sponge, handcrafted chocolates and shortbread. The recipient will defintely feel special and valued when they receive this gift!

2. Best Wishes Gift Basket for Him

This gift is a best seller for male thank you gifts. Complete with the perfect male snacks, soap and shaving cream.

If you want to thank your support person with bubbles another one of our best sellers is Live It Love It The Day Is Yours ! This is a gift full of happiness which comprises of luxury snacks and Dulcét Brut NZ packed in a stylish pine hamper for the recipient to enjoy.

For something a little bit smaller one of our new appreciation gifts is the Luscious Chocolates with Villa Maria Wine. This simple but effective gift comes with award-winning wine, chocolate almonds, a box of handcrafted chocolates as well as a Bennett’s top selling chocolate bar. Perfect if they love both wine and chocolates!

Ideas to Show Your Appreciation for Under $60

Sometimes a small token of your appreciation is all that is needed! If your budget is under $60 we have perfectly crafted gifts that are filled with plenty of great treats to spoil the recipient.

 1.  NZ Wellbeing Gift

Everyone deserves a bit of pampering in their lives, especially those who have gone above and beyond for you. The NZ Wellbeing includes a range of skincare products ideal for both men and women as well as handcrafted chocolate. This gift box is created for the purpose of providing someone the opportunity to have some ‘me time.’

2.  Love of Chocolate Gift

If your recipient is a chocolate lover then the love of chocolate gift is the ultimate present. Complete with chocolate almonds, brownie as well as Bennnett’s and Whittakers chocolate bars, this is a hamper for your recipient to indulge in!

Check our full range of gift hampers and baskets with delicious chocolates.


Compliment With a Gift Card

While a gift hamper really shows your gratitude for the person. The gift card is the chance for you to really tell the person or group how grateful you are for all they have done for you.

Batenburg’s has provided some thank you gift card messages to help you craft a sentimental message. Click here to see Batenburg’s lovely suggestions.

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