Birthday cakes originate in Ancient Greece. This was to celebrate the goddess of the moon as the candles lit on a round cake resembled a moon lit in the night sky. As well as this, cakes with candles were used to celebrate birthday's in Germany as each candle celebrates a year of life. It was also believed that the blowing out of candles could ward off spirits and would help to make sure dreams come true.

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The history behind balloons

Balloons were first created in 1824 and since then have been a great source of enjoyment for people. According to Handpick, originally balloons were made for science experiments and military communication. Balloons were also used by activists in Western Europe as propaganda. The balloons would fly over Europe and release pamphlets. South Korean activists still do this in order to get messages to North Korea.

Why we love balloons  

Balloons are an affordable way of telling someone you appreciate them. The different colours mean certain things. According to Handpick, they are also sustainable as they are made from rubber trees. However, there is no damage to the tree in the making of them. Balloons can be used for all occasions as they signal a celebration is in order.

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Happy birthday balloon in a gift box

The reason 21 is a special birthday to celebrate in NZ

In New Zealand 21 used to be the age in which you were legally free from their parents. Therefore, until 1970 turning 21 signified adulthood. Now the legal age has changed to 20. However, 21st birthdays are still celebrated as a momentous occasion in one’s life.

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21st Birthday gold balloons and party poppers in a gift box delivered NZ wide by Batenburgs Gift Hampers

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