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Why does champagne signal celebration?

Drinking champagne to celebrate became of significance in the royal courts of Europe. Champagne signified prestige as it had a novelty to it. During this time it was believed champagne could increase women's attractiveness and men's humour. In the royal courts people loved how the bottle popped open. This popping is seen to demonstrate an overflow of happiness. Therefore, champagne has become an integral part of many celebrations. 

Where is champagne made?

By law, for a bottle to be labelled as champagne it must be made in France. Bottles that are not made in France are instead known as sparkling wine. 

What is the best food to pair with champagne?

Champagne is often enjoyed with a platter of food to highlight the celebration of an event! A few great snacks which are known to pair well with champagne include, nuts, popcorn and chips. For those with a sweet tooth champagne also pairs very well with a buttery piece of shortbread.

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What is the history behind Moët & Chandon?

The ancestors of the wine trader Claude Moët who started Maison Moët were made nobleman. Therefore making the Moët name a noble one! The descendants of Claude were involved in making Moët the brand what it is today and in 1832 the brother in-law of Victor Moët, who was in charge of the company at the time became joined the business. His name was Pierre-Gabriel Chandon, the company then became known as Moët & Chandon in 1973.

Moët & Chandon is now the biggest Champagne house across the globe. They have also created Moët ice, which is the first champagne over ice, making it more of a fresh drink to enjoy in the Summer months.

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