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Gift Add Ons

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Gift Add Ons

This Add on Collection has been designed to allow you to create your own hamper or to add items to already chosen Batenburgs hampers and baskets.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Choose a Batenburgs environmentally friendly wooden hamper to fill if product presentation is important as well as minimizing packaging waste & playing your part in keeping NZ beautiful.People don’t like to throw out our useful wooden hampers so choosing a hamper for your gift packaging means you are reducing packaging waste as well as giving something useful that can last a lifetime … not to mention that they’ll remember you each time they see it whether it’s in the nursery keeping precious keepsakes safe or in the garage storing the tools !

Create your own hamper by firstly choosing a single bottle, small, medium or large sized empty hamper and adding it to your shopping cart. Then simply add individual items to your shopping cart and a Batenburgs team member will select each of your chosen items from our showroom shelves and carefully place them into your empty hamper.

Add items to already chosen Batenburgs hampers by simply adding extra individual items to your shopping cart.

This is a great way to add specific products that you know the lucky recipient will enjoy.

Please be aware that if too many items are chosen for the sized hamper, the items that cannot fit into the hamper will be placed outside the hamper but still be delivered with the hamper. Individual products selected without a previously chosen Batenburgs hamper or empty hamper will be delivered in a standard cardboard courier box.



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