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Gluten-Free Gift Hampers For Coeliac Awareness Week 7-13th June 2021

Gluten-Free Gift Hampers For Coeliac Awareness Week 7-13th June 2021

As coeliac awareness week commences and I was researching for this blog, I was surprised to find that 1 in 10 family members are coeliac. This really did make me think when buying someone a gift it may pay to check their dietary requirements. You don’t want to be buying them a hamper full of food they won’t be able to eat and appreciate! Check Batenburgs gluten-free gift hampers for some delicious inspiration, delivered NZ wide.

Coeliac disease occurs when there is destruction to the lining of the bowels. This means it is harder to absorb nutrients from food. This can cause a number of adverse side effects as well as not being able to eat gluten.

When purchasing a gift for someone who is gluten-free or coeliac your first thought may be to avoid getting them a gift with food in it in order to avoid the stress that comes along with making sure all the items are gluten-free. But just because someone is gluten-free doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love a food gift or hamper. There are still plenty of foods for them to enjoy!

If you know they enjoy food you may spend a while searching for the right foods that are gluten-free to add to your gift. This can take time and be frustrating. This is why us here at Batenburg’s Gift Hampers have created this special blog post for Coeliac Awareness Week which begins on this week on the 7th of June to help with gifting to those who are gluten-free.

We have provided you with our top tips for gluten-free foods to put in a hamper for a picnic or to go by themselves as well as a selection of our best gluten-free hampers which have been carefully crafted with great tasting quality food and wine for everyone to enjoy.

For those who are gluten-free or coeliac their lives have become accustomed to checking food labels for gluten or asking whether certain foods have gluten in them. This means they will appreciate the thought and time that has gone into a gluten-free gift you have created for them. Even better for you, Batenburg’s has done everything for you so you don’t need to be stressed by making a gift gluten-free and neither do they!

Taking Someone on a Picnic

Whether going on a picnic with some of your best friends or taking someone you really like on a first date the food is one of the most important parts!  

We have provided a list of the top 5 best gluten-free snacks to take on a picnic. These can be placed into a hamper with some other goodies or can be purchased separately.

  1.  Camembert Cheese in a Sealed Tin

Cheese is a perfect snack food to take on a picnic and especially when it’s in a sealed tin so you can take it to your desired picnic location very easily!

     2.  Ceres Organic Brown Rice Crackers

For the perfect pairing with your camembert cheese make sure to add some crackers.

     3.  Pesto Sauce

To create a superb picnic a cracker topped with cheese and pesto is a sure way to make it a good time!

    4. Salted Caramel Popcorn

Want to add a yummy sweet treat for the picnic? This popcorn is sure to hit the spot!

    5.  Pistachio Nuts

Pistachio nuts are loved by many and can add a bit of healthiness to your picnic.


Gifting a Ready-Made Gluten-Free Hamper

If it is for a boss or someone you don’t know very well, I’m sure the person will appreciate the thought that has gone into a gluten-free gift a lot.

Our suggestions for a professional gluten-free gift include:

    1.  Free of Gluten, Full of Taste

This hamper is one of our favourites and it’s a gift with variety so when the lucky recipient finds something new that’s gluten-free, they’ll be delighted. The hamper comes complete with NZ award-winning wine as well as nuts, crackers, relish, olive oil, crisps and chocolates. This hamper can be shared and enjoyed by all!

    2.  Gluten-Free Pleasures

If you’re looking for a smaller gift for your boss or client this is one of our top-sellers. It comes packed with 12 handcrafted milk, dark and white chocolates, a bottle of NZ award-winning wine and savoury nuts. Desirable, delicious and indulgent this hamper ticks all the boxes.

These hampers are perfect for anytime of the year when you need to give a gift for any occasion. All the gluten-free products in the hampers are great tasting and can be delivered New Zealand wide.

Which Chocolates are Gluten-Free?

A common question asked by many is which chocolates are gluten free! This is understandable considering chocolate is such a loved food and a great gift for someone special.

Batenburg’s Gift Hampers stocks a number of different chocolate brands many of which are gluten free:

      1.  Bennetts

Bennetts is an award-winning NZ chocolate company and has the added bonus of being gluten-free! There are blocks with a number of different flavours including our most popular, Mangawhai sea salt.

We also stock Bennetts Espresso Bars in packs of two which are the perfect treat!

For gluten-free gifts on a special occasion we also stock I love you, thank you, congrats, happy birthday as well as Mothers and Fathers Day blocks! These are the perfect addition to any gluten-free gift to make it personalised for the occasion.


      2.   House of Chocolate

Our Bonbon gift box is full of an assortment of individually crafted, hand-made and uniquely designed chocolates which are sure to wow any gluten-free gift recipient.

      3.  Chocolate Fish

For a classic New Zealand gluten-free chocolate gift, a chocolate fish is sure to go down a treat!

Create Your Own Gluten-Free Gift

As always if you want to create your own personalised gluten-free gift for the person, you can! Batenburg’s has many more gluten-free products that can be added to any hamper or used to create your own hamper. We have made it easy by simply being able to add any gluten-free item from the list we have provided. The Batenburg’s Gift Hamper team will do the rest of the work for you!

Click here to create your own hamper and don’t forget to select the gluten-free option using the product collection tab on the left-hand side!

Please note: Products in our gluten-free hampers are gluten-free but some may be produced on equipment that also processes products containing gluten.

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Find out about resources for coeliacs and gluten intolerance from Coeliac NZ

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